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We post to any postal address in Australia. That includes WA and all the other states and territories.

Depending on our stock levels at the time, all orders are made up on Wednesday and dispatched on Thursday. (We will usually email you if you can expect a significant delay because we don't have enough stock). Then if you live in a postcode found in the express-post network found here your order will arrive the day after we post. Otherwise it may take an extra 1-3 days. Therefore, altogether, your order may take up to 1-10 days to arrive. We are always doing our best, and if you're ever in doubt before you order then please contact us to check our stock levels.

What is the best way to store biltong?

Biltong is sensitive to moisture. Therefore it's best to store in a dry placein a brown paper bag to absorb some of the moisture. In humid areas Biltong can develop mould which you can wipe off with vinegar. For this reason it's especially important to keep it dry in humid regions.
Your biltong does arrive vacuum-packed, which seals out both air (oxygen) and moisture.

What is the best way to serve biltong?

Biltong can be served as a snack, with beer, at a sports match, in various dishes and recipes, or as a garnish for salad. You can slice it thin or thick, cut it up into chunks, or rip off shreds. Biltong is best served at room temperature.

Biltong Droewors Boerewors

To better understand you have to spend some time in South Africa. You see, it is much more than food. It is history and nationalism and neighborhood pride; the quiet of Safari game drives; the memories of refrigerator-less villages and the nostalgia of long-ago Braais,or barbecues. When South African expatriates dream of their sunny home, the salty, smoky taste of Biltong creeps onto their tongues. Biltong, Droewors and Boerewors are this unifying thing among South Africans. You go anywhere in the world mentioning these products and you'll have all South Africans undivided attention.

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