HOZZA is essentially a support base where South African immigrants can register and network with fellow South Africans throughout Australia.

The assistance covers a wide range of areas including:

  • Immigration and citizenship information
  • Employment, education and training
  • Overseas qualifications
  • Translations and preparation of curriculum vitae’s
  • Interpreter assistance
  • Crisis accommodation
  • Legal and police issues
  • General settlement information, advocacy, support and referral

Africa Products have three core products namely Biltong, Droëwors and Boerewors. Because Biltong and Droewors is a dehydrated product with an excellent shelf life, it is sold and distributed by post throughout AustraliaBesides these products, we are the official distributor of South African spices in Queensland. The spices are sold under the brand name Africa Spice. The range of spices can be seen on the importers web site at; www.africaspice.com.au

A helping hand

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  • Roosters

    To all the Ausies; No, it has nothing to do with kangaroos or chickens.

    South African men seem to be born with one of these gadgets in hand.

    When they get together around a fire, this is what they ’braai’ with

    These robust Roosters will become heirlooms’ in any family, passing from one generation to another.

    They are all handmade out of stainless steel and come in two sizes:         .260 x .360 and .400 x .400.

    They sell for $55.00 and $65.00 respectively.

  • Driepootpotte

    No where will you find more South African tradition than in the ‘potjie’. From Europe came the casting tradition and from as early as the 1600s these pots were the complete kitchen of all early pioneers. After settling; ox wagons gave away to permanent housing and proper stoves replaced the pots. The pots were given to indigenous black people, hence the name’ Kaffir pot’. Most families in South Africa still have a ‘potjie’ and on weekends you will often find families competing against one another to see who can cook the best ‘potjie’.

  • Spitbraai Catering

    Spitbraai magic

    When it comes to spit roast and catering you are on our page.

    Nothing too small or too big we cannot handle.

    Warming up your event

    Guests gather and chat; attracted by the wonderful aromas and the Beverage of choice. Conversation comes easily with a shared anticipation in the air.

    Spitbraai magic

    We roast with gas, so in 4 hours piping hot, tender, juicy, and perfectly cooked roasted meats emerge each and every time.

    Serving is an event in itself

    We serve your guests, quickly and generously. We can supply plates and cutlery if you need.

    And we clean up

    We leave the venue as we found it.

    On-line quotes are handled by our online requisition form, making life very easy and assisting with planning your event.

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